Facts about Sedimentary Rocks – What kids ought to learn?

Sedimentary rocks are usually formed through sediments. These are the ones deposited over a particular time. This is also found on layers most likely at the bottom of oceans and lakes. There are tons of facts about sedimentary rocks that have to be learned. First of all, it has to be made clear that these would always include minerals and even small pieces of organic matter and plants. There are instances when the sediment is also compressed. This may occur for a long period of time. This is true prior to the consolidation of the solid layers of rock. Strata is the term utilized to describe the ones seen in cliffs.

These sedimentary rocks have always been perceived as an important resource. This is meant to give clues regarding the past of the earth. Basically, these are all arranged in accordance to density. Aside from this, compaction in the process may have to be expected. Another that has to be given attention is cementation. This sort of process comes from minerals dissolving. Usually, these hold various particles which come together to come up with a sedimentary rock.

Lithification may also be observed. This is a sort of process which happens whenever the sedimentary rock hardens. There are fossils of organisms here. For most of the time, these are buried over time and are normally seen in most sedimentary rock. These rocks are also divided into three groups. These are all based on texture and composition. Aside from this, classic sedimentary rock may also form. This occurs as it becomes older and then breaks down as they compact together. Breccia and sand-stone are good examples of sedimentary rocks.

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It is claimed that  sand-stone is a type of sedimentary rock which is used for most housewares. This has been the case ever since the prehistoric times. Organic sedimentary rock is also another. This goes with a high amount of material which is utilized as a source of tar and petroleum. Among these are coal and limestone. For a tenfold of occurrences, chemical sedimentary rock comes out as crystallize solution. Most of the minerals are left behind as evaporation unfolds. This is where halite or table salt is formed.

Erosion has always been responsible in the breaking of soil into various pieces. Without this, sediment will never be possible. This then may be carried away from water or wind. This may also land somewhere such as mud or sand. As time goes by, new sediment would definitely pile. This may be the case on top of the old. The older layers are the ones that will turn into hard and compressed. This is when sediment suddenly becomes rock.

Sedimentary rocks may be formed through mud, sand, minerals and the remains of living things. There may be four type of the mentioned. Sandstone is formed from sand grains. These are melted together through the time. This may also be lithified. There are also fossils of animals and plants. This may also be of millions of years old.